Saturday, 8 June 2013

HARGA BARU a-DHA Beauty Care & AURAWHITE 900 000mg

Harga terbaru bagi produk a-DHA Beauty Care dan AURAWHITE 900 000mg dari Eyqa Beauty Care..Berbaloi2..JOM terjah..

a-DHA Beauty Care new price (Free postage):
1) a-DHA set pink = RM75
2)a-DHA set hijau = RM 75 
3)a-DHA Serum Vit C, Vit E & Collagen
4) COMBO SET PINK(a-DHA set pink + serum) = RM 120
5) COMBO SET HIJAU (a-DHA set hijau + serum) = RM 120

AURAWHITE 900 000mg new price (Free postage):

RM 130 come with shaker and freegifts.

Lihat sini dan sini

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