Thursday, 16 May 2013


Kami kembali!!!
Hai gadis2 kat luar sana..
Ada masalah dengan kecantikan??
Haa kami ade penyelesaiannye..
Meh la jenguk2 barang2 kami, n beli sekali..hehehe...
Yang penting harga berpatutan dan produk kami ORIGINAL..

Jadi setia bersama kami..
 Dan jangan lupe tok follow kami n like page kami tau.. :)

We're back!!!!..
Hello girls out there..
We have a good news for you all guys..
We will release our new item VERY SOON..Urmm..what is it yarh??

WWWAAAAAAA....Can't wait for it??
Okay now I will tell you guys..
Eyqa Beauty Care will release Health and Beauty product to cope your problems
The price are very affordable and product we offered are ORIGINAL..

So stay tuned with us..
Don't forget to follow us and like our page okay... :)

Last word..Happy shopping with us..


" Sweet. Stylish. Vogue"

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